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Reid™ Lifting System

Reid™ lifting system orignated from New Zealand is the most commonly proprietary lifting system used in Australia and New Zealand. Comprehensive lifting solutions are supported with loadings attained from test datas complied throughout the past 20 years. The wide variety ranges provide a complete solution and ensure proper load transfer with the used of accessories such as recess formers and shear bar. 

The use of Reid™ lifting system foster and ensure a safe working environment during lifting of precast components.

Reid™ TIM Threaded Inserts

Reid™ TIM threaded inserts provides a secure fixing solution which eliminates quality issues resulted from inconsistence workmanship during drilling. Cast-in secured fixing is always preferred and specified in countries such as Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. 

The Reid™ TIM inserts can achieve a higher load capacity with a shorter embedment depth due to its well designed foot. Together with the use of Orbiplate, it provides ease and perfect solution for precast fixing.


Reidbar™ was introduced in 1995 to provide a more efficient and simpler way of joining reinforement bars. Reidbar™ components porvides and easy way to achieve secure anchor points and connection stronger than the reinforcement bars.The use of Reidbar™ also eliminate the need to bend reinforcement bars or having protruding bars that may inhabit the transportation of the precast component and even put saftey in risk.

Reidbar™ was developed through University Research projects, extensive in-house testing and widely used in major projects in Australia and new Zealand. The seismic performance of Reidbar is further assessed in a research program in University of Auckland by Anselmo Bai, supervised by Dr Hason Ingham in 2003. 

Reid™ Fizgerald Formliners

Reid™ Fizgerald is achitectural formliners and has proprietary products such as Graylastic™, Vac-U-form™, Vinylok™, Fibrlyte™ and BrickMaster™. More than 250 standard and custom patterns are available which include fluted ribs, fractured ribs, masonry, sandblast, stone, wood and brick gasket system.

Flexus™ ECC

Flexus™ ECC is made up of high performance cementitious composite which can be sprayed or poured to produce multitude of products for the construction industry.

One of the key product development is the lightweight suspended modular flooring system which provides a new efficient way to construct residential and commercial buildings. Due to its light weight, it is easier to handle and install on the job site 

Formtex® Controlled Permeability Formwork Liner

Formtex® Controlled permeability formwork (CPF) liner provides a blowholes free and durable concrete surface which prolongs the lifespan of concrete structure. It has been developed for more than 20 years and has been widely specified in infrastructure projects such as brides, tunnels, water treatment plant, etc. in different part of the world.  

It has been proven in lots of projects and analysis. Results shown that with the use of CPF liner, it can prolongs the lifespan of concrete structural in adverse environment more than 20 years. 

The used on CPF liner is specified in BS EN 206-1/BS 8500 APM2 Concrete resistant to chemical attack.

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